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“Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter”

The words we say to ourselves and to others directly impact our thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions and ultimately, our outcomes.

Disruptive chatter can block the line of sight of our goals. We often don’t notice the distraction because chatter is so pervasive.

By choosing positive, uplifting words, we can choose our path minimize the unwanted influences. “Above the Chatter Our Words Matter” shares over 400 powerful, meaningful words and messages which can take us in the direction of the outcomes we desire.

My wish is for this book to make an impact on setting your intentions and provide a way for you to become and stay focused on realizing your dreams.


What others are saying about “Above the Chatter Our Words Matter.”

  • “This isn’t a book one reads.  It is a reference library for daily motivation and constant inspiration.” 

    Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

    Nido Qubein /
  • The words in this book are “Medicine on a Page!”

    Christine Wagner / Director of Sales
  • This is a fantastic book!  It will be one I will re-read over and over because of the inspiration of the messages throughout the book.  I am continually looking for uplifting motivation in my classroom and with my students.


    Kendall Kline / Teacher and Music Educator
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