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Our Words Matter

To achieve a goal you must take a STAND!

S ay it, specifically T ake ownership together A im only at the target N avigate the challenges D eclare, dedicate, deliver For Paula Kessler’s MedAssets Enterprise Solutions Team

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WORK is what it takes

Want it more than anyone Out hustle everyone Reach deeper than ever before Know your preparation will support you Love you to the moon Daddy 9/22/15

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COMMIT to yourself & your Team

Come together One goal/one Team Movitated to Success Make it happen by Relaxed Focus Intensely Encourage each other Together makes you Better 7/25/15 Semi Finals

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The 10 “P’s” to Managing Yourself and Your Attitude in the Job Search World

The Job Search is one time when attitude and outlook about the future are at risk of hitting rock bottom. This is especially true if being in this situation is not your choice. “Job Search mode” can be one of the most stressful times in any person’s life. When there is external chatter about the economy turning around and jobs are plentiful but you are not finding a job quickly, the pressure mounts with an even greater weight. This can put even the most positive

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