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19 Days to LAUNCH – Special Word for Each Day

On 12/1/2015,  Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter will launch and be available from Local, Regional, and National Bookstores and at all major on-line book sites.  In Celebration,  I am posting a new motivational word each day from now until LAUNCH day.  If the word of the day, touches you, please forward, share, re-tweet to your friends and encourage them to check out the book at their favorite book store location or on-line site. Okay first up, EMBRACE your gifts E mpowered (batteries included) M ade

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Words TRULY Matter – Readers’ Messages

“Bruce Pulver this is the most amazing book!!! And yours was easy because it was YOUR legacy.” Tammy Kling “The words in the book are ‘Medicine on a Page’” Christine W “Your book will be a constant inspiration to others that are searching for meaning in a time of despair. Kudos to you for sharing what you learned and helping others to find their way.” Tammy G “Bruce, your book could not have come to me at a better time. My family and I are

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5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Our Outcomes

Kick But We can have great ideas and aspirations. We can even have great motivation to achieve a goal or make the change needed to accomplish something. What makes these flashes of inspiration often flame out leaving us disappointed, discouraged and often less determined when the next spark of a great thought hits us? We must remove the word “but” from our vocabulary. Change “Yes, but I’ve never done that before” and “Yes, but I’m no good at that” immediately with “Yes I can get

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