Words TRULY Matter – Readers’ Messages

“Bruce Pulver this is the most amazing book!!! And yours was easy because it was YOUR legacy.”

Tammy Kling

“The words in the book are ‘Medicine on a Page'”

Christine W

“Your book will be a constant inspiration to others that are searching for meaning in a time of despair. Kudos to you for sharing what you learned and helping others to find their way.”

Tammy G

“Bruce, your book could not have come to me at a better time. My family and I are going through some very trying times.  I think God put you in my way for a reason, thanks again.”

Modesto G

“This is a fantastic book!  It will be one I will re-read over and over because of the inspiration of the messages throughout the book.  Teaching can be so rewarding and I am blessed with an amazing school, staff, and students.  That’s probably why after 34 years, I can say that I still love my job.  Unfortunately there are some challenging students as well and I am continually looking for inspiration to deal with the issues and discord they bring to our school. Thanks Bruce for your words!”

Kendall K

“What Bruce has created is inspiring.  Anyone who loved ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ will enjoy this book”

Doug V

“Through your messages, I got to see how your program works, and I knew with all confidence, that the writer was doing what he was recommending.   Many days,  I’d read your words, in the earliest part of the day, and I’d say, yes.  Yes to being somebody with a positive attitude.  Yes to bouncing back.  Yes to being the great person God created me to be, who can shine above current circumstances to do my best work on this day.  I can’t tell you how much impact those daily messages  had for me.   I‘d pick up your message and  it was just like a train ride being offered – to a much better day than I’d have otherwise.  Mindset is everything.  Neuroscience research confirms it seemingly daily.”
Melissa G

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