5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Our Outcomes

Kick But
We can have great ideas and aspirations. We can even have great motivation to achieve a goal or make the change needed to accomplish something. What makes these flashes of inspiration often flame out leaving us disappointed, discouraged and often less determined when the next spark of a great thought hits us? We must remove the word “but” from our vocabulary. Change “Yes, but I’ve never done that before” and “Yes, but I’m no good at that” immediately with “Yes I can get that done” and “Yes I will”. Kick “but” out of our life

Stop Trying
There is a Classic Star Wars scene with Luke Skywalker unlearning what he has learned to prepare for his inevitable encounter with destiny. Yoda said there is no try, there is only Do or Not Do. When we say we will try to do something, we have an “out” and a lack of total commitment. To say “I’ll try” sets the thoughts to the possibility of failure. Never a good way to start anything worthwhile. Stop trying and start doing.

Quit Comparing
When we shop, sure it is good to compare price and quality. When considering choices we are thoughtful about making, of course we should compare our options. When it comes to putting ourselves in a growth or challenging position, stay focused on our progress to the goal nothing else.
Compare and contrast, we might come in last. Focus on me and no telling what we can be.

Eliminate Limits
Most limits are for protection right? Speed limits on the road. height limits for bridge overpasses, tire pressure on our car. The is no place for putting limits on ourselves or what we can accomplish. Limits are for dimwits. Think MORE and we will SOAR.

Turn down the Tension
Guitar and Piano strings need tension to be in time. We don’t. Straps on cargo beds need tension. Tennis court nets need tension. When in tense situations, go to our relaxation techniques. Breathe, calm ourselves from the inside out and let the situation own the tension not us.

These small changes will make a big difference in our performance and ultimately our outcomes.

Bruce Pulver

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